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Today we’re going to talk about keeping a Price Book.  I was interviewed by our local newspaper this afternoon about how to create healthy meals while saving.  One thing I discussed with the reporter is a Price Book.  The purpose of a Price Comparison Book is to compare prices of the same product at different locations!  For example, if you are at Walgreens and you see a GREAT price on your favorite shampoo, you can look in your Price Book to see if this is a better price than you would pay at another store.  Usually, comparing the price at three different stores is the best way.  I always use Walmart as my anchor store, as far as the 1st column.  I’m including our FREE pdf file of a Price Comparison Sheet for you to print and keep either in a folder or possibly your Coupon Binder.

Price Book Comparison Sheet

My recommendation is to print several of these sheets and keep them in your coupon binder with your coupon policies.  This way you have them right with you at the store, and you don’t have to have a separate book to take with you when you shop.  You want to make saving money as easy as possible!

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