Is A Keurig (or Single Serve Coffee Machine) Worth It?

Saving on K-Cups in today’s economy can be very tough, and some people might feel that K-Cups are a luxury.  However, I know that it is more common in the city to stop at Starbucks on a daily basis. So, in this sort of scenario, having a Keurig at home may actually save you money! However, MOST K-Cups are going to cost you $1 per cup.  An 18 pack in our area runs around $13. So, that’s a little under $1 a cup of coffee.

However, my husband is a coffee LOVER, and he drinks it every single day, so he was so excited when his mother bought us one for Christmas last year.  I LOVE it too, because I brew my hot tea through it all the time.  So, we use it pretty much every day when the weather is not hot.  However, I have to admit, we don’t use the K-Cups all the time.  In regards as to whether to purchase a Keurig or not, I think this is totally based on how much you LOVE coffee or tea!

Some people prefer to join a K-Cup club with automatic delivery, so they can receive some sort of discounted price.  I have also see the K-cups at Ollies, and we purchased a TON of those! They ran around $5 for a box of 12.  However, my husband said the quality was “Terrible.” So, they may have been cheap, but was it really worth it, if he didn’t get to enjoy his coffee?

So, I think we are going to stick with my MAIN way of purchasing these- at stores like Bon Ton, JC Penney, Bed Bath & Beyond and other department stores with a $10/$25 or $10/$30 coupon.  This still makes 2 boxes around $15, or $7 a box, for a savings of $5 per box.  Also, you can for online coupon codes if you choose to order yours online! Also, I have seen coupons in the Sunday inserts and other places!  One of my friends also had a GREAT idea, and started an online Facebook group for K-Cup exchanges! How cool! This way you can trade flavors, and test them without buying a whole box! Obviously, it helps to belong to a group like this in a similar geographic location (for pick-up/delivery), so you may want to start your own!

Also, we did purchase the reusable K-Cup insert where you can use your own coffee, this is really where we save in a HUGE way! However, I still like to get him K-Cups for special occasions like his birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, etc. PLEASE post if you have other ways to save on K-Cups!! :)

So, in regards to whether or not you should purchase a Keurig, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. How much coffee/tea do we drink on a daily basis?

2. How much do I already spend on coffee/tea on a daily basis?

3. Do I order coffee/tea from places like Starbucks on a regular basis?

4. How long will it take me to reap back my initial investment in coffee savings?

On a final note, if you really just want one for the luxury of having it, make sure you ask for it as a birthday or Christmas gift! :)

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    I have found the Keurig to save our family a ton of money as well! I wanted to share a website My mother in law found it when we first became keurig owners and we have ordered from there ever since. They sell 25 kcups to a package for around 16.00 and always have free shipping on orders 75.00 or more so me and my mother in law order together! The best part is you can build your own box of 25 by adding 5 of any variety! They even let you save the boxes on the website and when you reorder you can edit if you didn’t like the flavor. Last thing during the holidays they usually slip in a free sample!

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    I LOVE my Keurig – I used to dread making a pot of coffee in the morning, and could never remember to set it the night before. This led to me heading to Starbucks after I dropped the kids off at school, before soccer on Saturday mornings, and after church on Sundays. That was $112 a month, just on pretty coffee!

    My husband got me a Keurig for Christmas and I dress up my black coffee with yummy creamer. I buy my K-cups at Costco for $34 for 64 cups.

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