Subway: $2.50 6-Inch Subs Every Day!

Did you know Subway has a different 6-inch sub each day for only $2.50!! Our family loves Subway because it’s taste good and is healthier than a lot of dining alternatives. So, I was ecstatic to find this out today! So excited that I wanted to blog about it and let you know! Our bill for four people was around $10 + Tax! That is CRAZY cheap for that healthy of a meal!  Let us know if you have taken advantage of this deal!  Check out the deals at your local Subway HERE!

Here is the schedule for sandwiches:

Monday: Turkey

Tuesday: Meatball Marinara

Wednesay: Turkey & Black Forest ham

Thursday: Cold Cut Combo

Friday: Tuna

Saturday: Italian BMT

Sunday: Oven Roasted Chicken


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