MUST READ if you are NEW to Coupons/match-ups

If you are new to couponing and match-ups, this is the article for you.  Let’s review.  Coupons come in the Sunday Paper (Except on holiday weekends like this one, Memorial Day).  However, deal match-ups will come out either on Saturday or early Sunday morning at the latest.  This means that you should be able to […]

Why this blog should be saving you money….

I wanted to share a story about why couponing and deals SHOULD be saving you money.  It all comes back to the Math and economics of couponing.  I recently spoke with a friend who was a Math teacher for a very long time.  She coupons avidly like me, and she donates a lot of her […]

We are now a WEBSITE!

OK peeps! We are now officially  -This will not change or impact the way you interact with the site.  Just wanted you to know that you can just type that name in to be taken directly to the site!