I’m Stephanie, and I’m SO EXCITED that you stopped by! I’m a wife, mom, full-time teacher, blogger, and non-profit founder! I’ve been told I talk…. a lot. I’m also an ALL CAPS, exclamation point kind of girl!!!!!!!!! I currently live in PA with my husband of seventeen years and my 9-year-old son, who is adopted from Guatemala, who came home at four months of age.  We also received another blessing from the Lord in 2014, and had another child,  Baby J!! Make sure you read about our IVF Journey! We have three dogs and a cat too! :)

Because of our many attempts at adding more children to our family, we have had to overcome significant amounts of financial hurdles that most families don’t ever have to face.  It was during the waiting period for our last IVF attempt that I started couponing to help save money towards our cycle.  I decided to start this blog to keep myself busy and  I never thought we would be able to help so many families start saving money! I’m so blessed that you’re here, and I hope and pray that you check back with us everyday to see how you can save money! We have also been able to eliminate over $50,000 in debt and are now debt free (other than our mortgage)!

AJ & Jackson Resized

I’m a full-time teacher (which is why I desperately need a team to help) and my husband is a nurse. Together we founded a non-profit in our local area called Once More Ministries, which operates just like a food bank, only we give away just toiletries!

My husband and I love the Lord, and definitely identify ourselves as Jesus followers. We LOVE to help and love other people, so this is why we started our ministry.  This eventually led me to coupon for free items at CVS, and the rest is history! I started my blog within a few months and have never looked back! We love helping others save money!