Baby J Is HERE!

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Our son arrived via urgent c-section on Monday evening.  I went in to the doctor for a non-stress test on Monday, and he failed the test, so they sent me to the hospital to be monitored.  Once I was there they decided to keep me and schedule an induction for the next morning. However, after two fetal heart rate drops, they called in the doctor on call. She was there in a matter of minutes (the 2nd heart rate drop was very scary!), and explained to me why he was in fetal distress and that a c-section was our best option.  I was prepped and done in less than 40 minutes!

Jackson & Daddy resized

The most amazing part of the process was my husband’s support. He was amazing, and even the  nurse anesthetist said she wished all husbands were as supportive as he was during delivery.

AJ & Jackson Resized

Our son was so excited to have his little brother!! We were able to come home on Thursday, and he was so happy we were all together, and I totally felt the same way!! We are so excited and blessed to finally have him in person! Many of you may have read our IVF Success Story Post or our Prayer of the Persistent Widow post, and if so, you know how special this delivery was for our family!


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