Bread Twist-Ties! Do You Know What They Mean?


Have you ever thought about the different colors of bread twist ties? Did you know there is significance to the different colors?

Most bakeries bake bread five days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Because of this, most breads on the shelves of grocery stores are less than 2 days old. But there is also another way to make sure that the bread you are getting is the freshest on the shelf. Look at the twist ties! Most generally, all bakeries use the same color code for the day that bread was baked.

Monday- BLUE

Tuesday- GREEN

Thursday- RED

Friday- WHITE

Saturday- YELLOW

Now you just have to remember the order of the colors!  Well, a good way to remember is that the colors are in order, alphabetically!

For example, if you go shopping on Monday afternoon, you may see bread with blue twist ties and bread with yellow twist ties. If you remember  the order of the colors are alphabetical, you will know that blue had just been baked that morning!

Like I said, most bakeries adhere to this coding system.  Check it out in your local store!

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