Swiffer Duster Cleaning Instructions


Swiffer Duster

(This shows the difference between a regular dirty cover, and the one we just washed for reuse.)

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If you’ve been reading this blog very long, you know I LOVE to reuse and recycle when I have the chance! So, my husband and I decided to try to reuse our Swiffer Dusters! These things are EXPENSIVE, and I refuse to pay that much for dusting apparatus.  So, we’ve come up with a way to reuse them over and over!

The Brandt Method:

1. Fill sink or basic with approximately 3/4 to 1 inch of WARM water.

2. Add 2-3 drops of dish detergent.

3. Remove dirty cover from handle, and gently wash in the soapy water.

4. Rinse and wring out completely, then lay flat in warm, sunny spot to dry.

5. Fluff up when dry, and it’s ready to use!

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  1. Mikayla K says

    I have always vacuumed them off after each use but have never washed them, Great tip, Yeah right, how come we never thought of this?!! :)

  2. Sonya says

    I just washed a very dirty one so we will see what happens when it it dry. If this works, in the future I will take off and wash before it gets filthy.


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