What is iBotta? How does iBotta Work?

iBotta is a mobile app for Android or iPhone where you get cash back for buying items in their “offers” area. You receive this cash back by buying the products and then taking a picture of your receipt with your phone, and then clicking receipt. It takes a few days for them to verify the purchase. However, once it’s completed, you will be able to STACK this cash back with manufacturer’s coupons. This means you can get the cash back plus use your coupons! So, if you have a manufacturer’s coupon plus a Target coupon and an iBotta offer, you can get all three! (Also, are you earning free gift cards with Shopkick yet too?)

How to Use iBotta

1. Once you download the app to your phone/ipad, you will need to register your paypal or another financial account where they can send your money!

2. After you’ve registered your financial info, open the app, and this will be your offers page. There is an icon with a bunch of lines on it in the upper right hand corner, click on this. This takes you to the menu, where you can upload your receipt, withdraw your cash (you also get $1.00 for referring each friend!), or check all the setting options.

3. Once you’ve decided which offers you want to complete, you will have to read about the product, take a survey, or post something to facebook (sometimes all three). However, these add up quickly, and you can get HUGE savings on products, and even snag some products for FREE (my favorite word)!

4. Once you click on the “earn button” you will complete these actions, then the offer becomes “PENDING.” This means you need to complete the offer. Once you’ve made your purchase, click on where it says “Complete” under the picture (the other ones will say “earn”), and pick your store. It will prompt you to take a picture of your receipt. Sometimes you will need to take two pictures of your receipt for them to be able to see the whole receipt.

5. Hit submit, and then sit back and wait for your money! Once you have some money built up, you can go to “Withdraw Cash” in the settings, and the money will be sent to your paypal account or whatever financial account you chose!


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