Peeps Recipe & Craft Round-Up!

Peeps Round Up


Peeps have always been my favorite Easter candy (and my grandmother’s!). We are secretly Peep fanatics, so I was so excited to blog about some awesome recipes from my favorite bloggers!  I just love the colors of Peeps, the sugary texture, and pretty much everything about them! We happen to have our own favorite Peep blog posts as well! First, check out our Peeps decorative vase post or our post on Chocolate Covered Peeps! Then, make sure to check out all the other awesome blog posts as well!!!

Chocolate Covered Peeps

Chocolate Covered Peeps by DebtFreeSpending

Peeps Decorative vase DFS

Decorative Peep Vase by DebtFreeSpending

Peeps Decorative Vase

Here is another example of a Decorative Peep Vase from Savings Lifestyle!

Sunflower Peeps Cake

I can’t wait to try and make this Sunflower Peeps Cake by Mission to Save! This cake is just too adorable!!

Peeps Pudding Cups

I also love this adorable Peeps Pudding Cups snack idea for kiddos from Meet Kristy!

I’m totally making this for my son as an after school snack!

Peeps Cupcakes

I just absolutely love the colors of this awesome Peeps Cupcakes post from The Nerd’s Wife!

Easter Peep Printable Gift Tag

These FREE Peep Printable Gift Tags from the 733 Blog! I will be using these for my chocolate covered peeps this year!

Peep Smores

Midget Momma has this awesome recipe for Peep S’Mores! I was just explaining S’Mores to a student in my class today!

My mouth was watering by the time I was done talking about them, so I’m totally making these!

Easter Peep Cake

This is another adorable  Peep Cake from The Miracle Momma that I want to make for the kids at Easter!

Peeps Milkshake

Oh my gosh, I’m dying to try this recipe!! Pandora’s Deals has this awesome Very Berry Peeps Milkshake! I’m totally making this one!

Peeps Krispie Treats

There are several ways to make these easy Peeps Krispie Treats from A Mom’s Take! Check out all the different ways to make them!

Peep Cakes

These easy No-Bake Peeps Mini Cakes from  Eat Craft Parent are so easy and yummy!

We will definitely be adding to this list as we find other awesome Peep crafts and recipes!!!

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    I’m loving these yummy Easter peeps creations!!! Not only did I pin this post, but I’m your newest follower on Pinterest! Thanks for sharing… Sending you PIN love from our #PinUP Pin Party :) Hope to see you again this Friday, theme: Edible Easter Creations…

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