Keep Your Home Organized in Less Than 30 Minutes A Day

35 Days to An Organized Home



Before you start your organizing journey, we would love to have you read our eBook: 25 Days to an Organized Home Challenge: Revolutionize Your Life and Gain More Time on Kindle.  We’ve had over 12,000 downloads! Also, make sure to join Organized Living Facebook Group for ongoing encouragement in the battle against clutter.

In our home clutter is a constant battle with two boys, three dogs, and a cat. Staying focused and vigilant against the sea of “stuff” has forced us to come up with ways to keep our home organized.   No matter where you are on your organizing journey, we’re going to give you some tips to get started and stay organized. We’ve organized this post into daily activities, so we recommend starting with this introductory video below and working through each post one day at a time. Make sure to print our FREE Printable Organized Home Goal Sheet as well before you begin your journey!

ALL Organizing is based on these three words!

Day #1: Clear the Clutter In Your Kitchen Every Day

In this video we go over keeping your kitchen clean daily by decluttering, and I even time myself to see how long it takes me to declutter!  See how long it takes me, and you may be surprised!


Day #2: Clear the Clutter In Your Bathroom Every Day- We’re back again and talking about decluttering your bathroom daily in 5 minutes or less. Performing this task has REALLY helped think clearer in the mornings!

Day #3: Create a Launch Pad for when you leave the house. REMEMBER, this was filmed at 11:00p.m. at night, after working until 7:00p.m. at school, and I’m 22 weeks pregnant! LOL Have mercy on me!! I’m even in my robe! LOL


 WATCH DAY 5 VIDEO!!! How to Reuse Your Windex Touch-up Cleaner Pump + our secret trash bag time saver tip!

Day 6: Organizing Your Paperwork (Getting Started)!

Day 7: Organizing on a Budget + Dollar Store Deals

Day 8: Create your own Non-Slip Hangers

Day 9: Organizing Your Batteries

Day 10: $4.00 Medicine Cabinet Redo

Day 11: Organize Your Ribbons for $1.00!

Day 12: Organize Your Jewelry for $3.00 or Less!

Day 13: Closet Reorganization: Tips & Tricks (Day 1)

Day 14: Closet Makeover: Day #2

Day 15: Tablecloth Organization Tip

Day 16: How to Organize Your Food Containers

Day 17: Magnetic Cupboard Doors Video (Make sure you subscribe while you’re on our You Tube page!)

Day 18: How to Organize Your Finances! (We have a TON of FREE resources for this one)!

Day 19: How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Day 20: How to Organize Your Receipts

Day 21: How to Maintain Your Organizing Systems

Day 22: How to Organize Your TIME!

Day 23: How to Organize Your Child’s Toys! (Part I)

Day 24: How to Organize Your Child’s Toys! (Part II of the video has been added) Just click on the same video, and it will be extended!

Day 25: How to Organize Your Mail

Day 26: How to Organize Your Office

Day 27: How to Organize Your Laundry

Day 28: When Your Organizing System Breaks Down

Day 29: Organizing Your Craft Area

Day 30: How to Start Organizing When You Don’t Know Where to Start!

Day 31: Keeping a Price Book so you can save on groceries

Day 32: Organizing Your Automobile Receipts & Warranties to Save Money

Day 33: How to Organize a Small Space!

Day 34: How to Make Your Own Car Trash Can

Day 35: How to Organize Your Car

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  1. Kelsey F says

    I love these new videos! I am a full-time Kindergarten Teacher and a first time mom to a 20 month old. Needless to say I am trying to stay afloat most days. I love that you used the timer, I am super competitive so this is a great idea. The funny thing is I was a presenter for Classroom Organization and one of my tips for teachers was to spend 10 minutes every day cleaning off your desk, if you have one. Everyone can spare ten minutes. I do it every day before I leave. Nothing better than starting your day off with a clean desk! If I can do it at school I can certainly do it at home. I will look forward to your other tips!

    • says

      Thanks Kelsey!! I’m so glad you found it helpful! I know it’s helped me more than you can imagine!!!! I will also try to implement this at school as well!!!!

  2. says

    Great tips and videos. I love the one in your bathrobe. My husband, son and I live in a 550 sq ft house and I feel like I’m running on a hamster wheel, forever trying to get unburied from the clutter. I’m trying to get better about setting our launch pad each night, but I’m often grumbling in my head that I’m too tired to finish tonight’s to-do list, let alone do some of tomorrow’s work (even though I know the payoff is worth it in saved energy and reduced stress the next morning). You are also so right about keeping doorways and closets clear! What seems like a time saver (dropping things outside the closet) turns into a massive time sucker and clutter creator when you can’t access your rooms and closets. I’m looking forward to the rest of the days of the challenge.

  3. says

    AMEN! I grew up in about 800 sq. ft, and my grandparents lived in a mobile home, so I TOTALLY know what you mean about no space! I think that’s why IKEA is my favorite store, because they teach you how to live organized in very small spaces! LOL

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